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15% off digital printing for new customers

Print your flyers, postcards and posters with us and we’ll happily give you 15% off!  Call us at 416.642.1876 or e-mail us at info@xtremeprinting.ca to place your order.

Xtreme Printing is not just a copy shop. We are a full-service printing service committed to providing the best possible service to all of our clients. Large and small.

Our experienced, professional staff will work with you to determine your specific needs and make recommendations for the best & most cost-effective solutions based on your requirements. We can produce high quality printed materials for your every need, at the best possible price.

Bring us your next print job—you’ll be glad you did!

Call us at 416.642.1876



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Nancy says:  It was amazing that you were able to pull that off. In my 30 years in the business I’ve never worked with anyone who could deliver such quick turnaround. Thanks so much

Nina says: The best quality and best prices. Extreme printing always puts clients’ interests first. They are a team of very dedicated and nice people.

The Den says: Top notch operation… they will over deliver always. I’m not a paper expert but we do a lot of print for expo’s. George is full of knowledgeable advice, always makes sure that the paper matches the needs of the prints job in the end.

Ayeshah Ijaz saysGreat quality and great prices. The owner, George, is super nice, passionate and knowledgeable about his work.


Another Xtremely happy customer!

Last month we received a message from a client who needed a job done ASAP.  The message came in at around 10 am that they required a podium sign for an event that they were hosting that evening.  The sign from the previous year had an old logo on it that did not match the new branding, and with over 350 of Toronto’s top public relations […]

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Make a strong first impression with digitally printed business cards

A business card often provides the first impression of your brand to your prospects, so you want to make sure your card is memorable for all the right reasons. Here are a few tips to ensure you make the most of a small space:   Don’t take the DIY approach. Yes, you can print your own business cards on a laser or inkjet printer, but […]

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That’s not what it looked like on my computer …

That’s not what it looked like on my computer …

Ever wonder why certain colours look different in print and on your computer screen? This is because they use very different types of colour management systems. Commercial printing uses the CMYK process. Computer monitors use the RGB system. CMYK refers to the four ink colours used in color printing: Cyan, magenta, yellow and black. Originally colour printing was produced on metal plates, and each colour […]

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