Another Xtremely happy customer!

Last month we received a message from a client who needed a job done ASAP.  The message came in at around 10 am that they required a podium sign for an event that they were hosting that evening.  The sign from the previous year had an old logo on it that did not match the new branding, and with over 350 of Toronto’s top public relations […]

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Make a strong first impression with digitally printed business cards

A business card often provides the first impression of your brand to your prospects, so you want to make sure your card is memorable for all the right reasons. Here are a few tips to ensure you make the most of a small space:   Don’t take the DIY approach. Yes, you can print your own business cards on a laser or inkjet printer, but […]

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5 ways to use print for greater impact

With most of our daily communications have migrated to e-mail, websites and text message, printed material has become a novelty.   Because fewer businesses continue to invest in print, those that do stand out all the more.  And, contrary to popular belief, print is still relevant and desirable (as discussed in our previous blog post).  Creating innovative print pieces as part of your promotional strategy can […]

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